Our story

“When the traditional florentine artisan way meets the needs of Fashion and Luxury”

Arte Pellettieri is born as a perfect union between traditional artisanship and new technology. A team of more than 30 artisans guided by master craftsmen that have over decades refined leather articles of every aspect and style.

Our factory has a production capacity for over a thousand pieces for every order, keeping ever present the mark of handmade artisanship. The machines and technology necessary for some craftwork never substitute the traditional artisan creativity, the soul of our work.

Every product is realized exclusively in our factory in Scandicci (Firenze), using the most sought-after leather and the best materials on the market, following meticulously every obligation in regards to laws, safety and environmental concerns. Professional ethics and human values are for us fundamental. 100% Made in Italy that meets every single need of Fashion, we create for the most famous luxury brands products that are always unique and innovative. On this website you will find a good selection of our products with the Arte Pellettieri brand, always keeping in mind the versatility and the skills of our artisans in changing and modifying every product in respect of the requests of each of our clients.